Do you have a duty towards self-employed workers?

I’m talking about when you use freelancers, one-man bands (my terminology), or cards-in (my customer-friend’s terminology) all formally known as self-employed workers!

Well, obviously the answer is yes!

Self-employed do have more duty to protect themselves than employees would have but as you are ‘in control’ of their work you would have a duty of care.

(If you are just working along-side a self-employed person then whoever has brought them onto the project has the duty of care. Although we could argue that we all have a duty of care to each other, but that is probably another blog!)

What to do? Some simple steps …..

  • Ensure that self-employed are competent (record you have checked), and include them in your project discussion and any site specific training
  • Tell them what PPE they require and check that they wear it, and
  • Share your project Risk Assessments and Safe Systems of Work with them.