Are you still going on a 3 day first aid course??

We often assume that people know what we know don’t we? Well, as Britany Spears said, I did it again. I thought everyone knew about the one-day Emergency First Aid Course only to meet two people this week who were still under the impression that you HAD to attend a 3-day course to meet HSE requirements, so to explain …..

The one-day course is acceptable (not just to me but to the HSE) for low risk workplaces such as Shops, Offices etc. The 3-day is a wonderful course for those working in higher risk organisations such as Manufacturing or in more remote locations (as it may take longer for Emergency Services to arrive).

There is totally nothing wrong with the 3-day course but some employers and individuals find it difficult to ‘give up’ three days for a training course. If you are concerned about moving from 3-day to 1-day, consider having a couple of people who have had 3-day and the rest a 1-day this seems to work very well in larger organisations such as Call Centres.

If you want to chat it through don’t hesitate to contact me.