Lethal Flapjack

We all know food cut into triangles tastes better, sandwiches are a prime example, so when Castle Hill School in Essex decided to ban triangular Flapjacks, we all hoped for a really good reason behind it.

The decision came after a boy was hit in the face in the face by a flapjack thrown by a class mate. The boy, a year 7 pupil, suffered “a sore eye” and was treated by a first aider. Less than 24 hours after the food fight the cooks and dinner ladies were told that triangular flapjacks were off the menu, instead the oaty treats could be sold only in four-sided shapes to ensure the 1,200 pupils can eat without fear of injury. (although surely that is now an extra corner that can cause damage?!)

A spokesman for HSE said: “We often come across half-baked decisions taken in the name of health and safety, but this one takes the biscuit. The real issue isn’t what shape the flapjacks are, but the fact that pupils are throwing them at each other – and that’s a matter of discipline, and has got nothing to do with health and safety as we know it. We’re happy to make clear that flapjacks of all shapes and sizes continue to have our full backing.”

Essex County Council said they did not give schools guidance on the shape of foodstuffs, well, maybe they should from now on!

So, our triangles are safe for now!

Source: HSE website, BBC News

Image: The Sun