Health & SafetyAfter months of being bossed by Miss Bossy Boots, Emma Cooke, to do a Health & Safety blog, and after much thought about what would be a worthy blog rather than the usual Health & Safety moans and groans, I’ve hit on the idea of blogging once a month about Health & Safety basics, or as the HSE put it, the essentials of Health & Safety at work. If you come on this journey with me you will deal with the majority of your hazards and created a fairly robust Health & Safety management system along the way, all without spending a single penny!

So here’s the plan for the next 12 months:

1. Managing Health & Safety

2. The Workplace

3. Slips and Trips

4. General Fire Safety

5. Work at Height

6. Building Work

7. Machinery Safety

8. Plant and Equipment Maintenance

9. Gas and Oil Fired Equipment

10. Pressurised Plant and Equipment

11. Workplace Transport

12. Lifting and Handling

As always if you need any help you are free to contact me at