How often do you go into rest facilities spot little yellow HOT WATER warning signs above hot water taps and think well of course it’s hot, its hot water?!

How does all this start? Mass signage drives me mad.

Somewhere in the dim and distant past people have put a claim in for hot water scalds and owners of business think that sticking a little yellow sign up will negate their responsibility – it won’t

So what to do….

Set your thermostat setting on your hot water cylinder to 55 degrees C. Most people with normal reactions would remove their hands before scalding could occur but if you serve members of the public, young people or people with learning difficulties you may want to consider a lower temperature; but this should be above 50 degrees C to cut the risk of Legionella or other Bacteria.

If you haven’t a thermostat, ask someone competent to take readings at different times of day with a thermometer or temperature probe to ensure the water coming out of the tap is of a safe temperature.