Our Survey says …. 20% of staff take time off with Stress!

Well not our survey but A survey – I’m not really a statistics type of person and always feel that you can take whatever you want out of them. But the contents of this report made me think (as you know I only read the bullet points and the bits in bold – well it was a long report1)

The survey also stated that 28.8% of workers feel stressed at work all or most of the time!

Have you had any thoughts on how you would deal with the issue of Stress if one of your operatives came to talk to you about it? – I have to say it’s not high on my to-do list and I haven’t given it much thought; even though I myself can be a bit of a stress head (getting more manic the older I get!).

I guess there is no panacea for dealing with stress. However, guidance tells us that practical steps should be considered such as: adjusting workloads, reviewing job roles/specifications and making it clear to your staff that support is available if needed.

Food for thought!