Competent Person Service

Our Competent Person Service is different, and the difference is that you only pay for what we ‘do.’

If your current safety system is non existent or ties you in knots, if you break out in a sweat at the thought of Health & Safety, or fear the appearance of a Health & Safety anorak – then try this.

As part of our Competent Person Service our advisors are friendly and approachable and will produce and implement only sensible controls. We offer the full gambit of Health & Safety services from the production of risk assessments, to undertaking site checks and to the implementation of complete Health & Safety systems.

Putting it simply, we do it differently

The Competent Person Service packages mean you can keep your overheads down by not employing a full time member of staff to deal solely with Health & Safety issues but have that reassurance of being able to ask for all the professional help and advice you need.

We give you complete control over the level of support that is right for your business, giving you control over your budgets to allow you to be able to plan costs for the year.

We’re all about getting it done!


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