Environmental Consultancy

Unless we reduce our environmental burden, businesses will start to face increased costs. We will see more expensive energy supplies, more stringent recovery/recycling targets, higher insurance premiums and increased waste disposal/landfill costs.

Typically a company will loose between 2% and 5% of their turnover through all forms of waste. Environmental guidelines identifying such losses and devising action plans to rectify these situations are not necessarily complex, time consuming or difficult.

Environmental Consultancy
We offer a mixed portfolio of services including full Environmental Management System implementation. One of the key benifits of this can be to reduce your energy costs, by identifying what you really use.
Risk Assessment
The process of Environmental Risk Assessment looks at the various aspects of your organisation’s activities, that may have have a negative impact on the environment. The assessment addresses how the hazard may reach the environment and the consequences.
An Environmental Audit examines those elements of a business that can have an impact upon the environment, and considers whether those impacts are controlled in the correct way. Our Auditor will review your company’s paper systems as well as undertake a physical check of your location and surrounding receptors. Single stream audits such as Waste/Utility Management are also offered.
We offer a wide range of Environmental Courses including:

  • Basic Environmental Awareness
  • Waste & Utility Management
  • Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Incident & Emergency Response

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