I know Chrstmas is over, and it’s a bit sad to be thinking of the lights in the dim and distant past, but let’s talk Chrsitmas cards.  Each year the UK posts (not including those given out face to face) somewhere in the region of 750 million Christmas cards. All that paper can have a massive environmental impact.

BUT it is getting easier for us to do something about it. This year you will be able to recycle Christmas cards in Tesco, Sainsbury’s, WH Smith and Marks & Spencer (in conjunction with the Woodland Trust) and probably many other places.

It can make a huge difference too. Since the Woodland Trust started its annual campaign, 14 years ago, they have received 15,000 tonnes of cards which has allowed them to plant more than 200,000 native trees all over the UK. Last year they received more than 8.3 million cards.

If all else fails, you can always recycle them yourselves, try snipping out the best bits and turning them into new Christmas cards for next year, or even gift tags.