The Game – Stop a Second For Safety

The Game - A fun way to make sure you are on top of your companies health and safety

Playing surface for the ISS board game

We understand that Health & Safety can be a little boring sometimes, so we made it our mission to liven it up!

Our new game “Stop a Second For Safety” is just that, fun and enjoyable but at the same time very eye opening. It shows what does and could happen, as well as making people think about the risks posed to their own well being and what they could do to their colleagues and friends. Designed for 3-6 people, the game has players race round the board while deciding what they would do in a variety of real life Health & Safety situations. The key to the game is honesty, because as in real life, taking risks means that sometimes you get away with it. So if you cut the grass in flip-flops when the weather gets nice, say so, you just might learn something about how safe your lifestyle really is!

Each game comes with a pack of playing cards with the scenarios ready for you to answer. Also included are playing pieces and consequence stickers. These stickers are stuck to players after they have had a most unfortunate mishap, making the clutz of the game easily recognisable.

Cost: £199

Includes: Game Board, 6 coloured playing pieces, 1 pack of question cards*, 1 pack of consequence stickers, 1 consequence eye patch (now that’s got your imagination running hasn’t it?!)

*The standard pack of cards that acompany the game is the general Health & Safety pack. Additional sets are available for First Aid or Food Safety, for a small fee.