A few of my customers have come to me this week for help to meet their customers slightly bonkers H&S requirements; to be honest this is quite common place when working for larger companies.

For one of the companies you must:

  • Reverse cars into parking spaces (I’ve had it then!)
  • Wear PPE at all times (and they mean ALL times)

My tips for managing these types of situations are:

  1. Expect large clients to have rules that go way beyond HSE requirements.
  2. Warn your employees (if you have any) that this will be the case,
  3. Try as far as you can to go along with it, failure to comply is likely to have you kicked off site!
  4. When planning work ask for Customer requirements, so you can judge what is involved and be prepared.
  5. Ensure you have your RAMS ready (you can’t argue without them)
  6. Smile and nod,
  7. And finally where you absolutely cannot (for the sake of good sense maybe) comply get a bit of H&S advice to back you up.