Write a health and safety policy

This is where you set out your stall; your commitment to health and safety as a business and a description of who does what, when they do it and how.


RiskWrite a risk assessment

It’s not as complicated as it sounds, you need to think about what in your business could cause harm to people and what are you going to do about it. For instance; there is a chance you will be abducted by aliens, so all staff members should carry their alien defence rays as standard kit… but maybe a bit more sensible!

newlawposterDisplay insurance and law poster

You must display a current certificate of Employers’ Liability Insurance, and a copy of the Health and Safety Law poster or give out the leaflet containing the same information. We always think putting these near the kettle is a good idea; then they’re easily visible to everyone! You can order these direct from the HSE.

water dispenser Sort out your welfare facilities

This includes toilets, drinking water and washing facilities for everyone.


Two men in suites shaking hands. Get good advice

It doesn’t matter if the advice comes from within, or from a consultant, but you must must must have good safety advice. No one knows it all. 


Lots of people all saying CommunicationTalk to your staff

You are required to provide free Health and Safety training for all your employees, so they understand the dangers of their job, and what you are doing to protect them. You also need to consult them on Health and Safety matters; this might be via safety reps, forums or individually.

Archivo_baseTalk to the HSE/ EHO

Especially if you’re starting a new business, or relocating one. You will also need to report certain work related incidents, accidents and diseases.