Do you have an External Fire Escape?

In my mind External Fire Escapes are where murders are solved in Police Drama or where drunken people fall in Casualty and you scream at the Telly don’t go onto the Fire Escape!! (Or maybe that is just me – could be!

I have read some recent case law regarding the collapse of a number of steps on an external fire escape leading to a real life casualty with a fractured back ad a court case against the employer and all that that entails.

If you do have such a fire escape, please, please make sure that these are maintained and not forgotten about as something that would ‘only be used in an emergency’ …

  • Weekly – check that external routes are clear and well lit.
  • Monthly – check for damage, obstruction and slippery surfaces.
  • Yearly – examine for signs of rust, corrosion, lose connections and sharp edges.
  • 3 Years – arrange for a structural survey to be conducted and action as appropriate.