Hello Safety Munchkins or whoever is reading this blog what I wrote!

As promised in my previous blog post, here is my first tip to help you create your own H&S management system – have fun kiddo’s and give me some feedback so I know I’m not talking to myself (nothing new here actually!).

Decide what could cause harm as a result of what you do and decide what precautions you need to take, if you write this down this will be your risk assessment.

Write a risk assessment

It’s not as complicated as it sounds, you need to think about what in your business could cause harm to people and what are you going to do about it. For instance; there is a chance you will be abducted by aliens, so all staff members should carry their alien defence rays as standard kit… but maybe a bit more sensible!

  1. Firstly consider who might be harmed and what special needs, if any, may be necessary to protect them i.e. young people, people less aware of risk, disabled personnel etc.
  2. List all likely hazards present on site when your operatives are undertaking the task.
  3. Alongside each hazard note what control measures (things you do to stop harm occurring) are already in place.
  4. Measure the risk, there are lots of ways of doing this but we tend to multiply a figure 1-5 for likelihood of harm occurring by the figure for severity of likely injury this gives a risk rating the greater the figure the higher the risk.
  5. Taking on board the risk rating consider the need to implement further controls.

You may consider using the following matrix to assist you with risk ratings and defining what risks will need further action.

Risk Table

Ensure you add a title of exactly what you where assessing, that you date and sign the assessment and have means to review. Remember to try to make the document self explanatory someone who doesn’t know the job or area as well as you should be able to pick it up and read it!

Finally ensure you action it; and discuss it with those involved. A piece of paper really doesn’t prevent injury.

Risk Assessment Form v1 ISS

I have attached our template risk assessment form, I hope this helps. If you want any help or advice please don’t hesitate to contact me – helen@innovativesafety.co.uk

I know people often don’t really mean this but I do, we are happy to give telephone and email advice free of charge, it’s only if you want me to put my hat and coat on that a charge would incur!