When we go to visit a new customer we often ask them whether their Insurers have added any safety related conditions to their policies; this question is often met with a little bit of a groan! Like most businesses the majority of our customer haven’t sat and read the terms of their insurance so obviously we undertake this for them (we are very good aren’t we!). Anyway the point of this blog is to tell you how important it is that you at least scan read these documents. It is become more and more common to see Safety related conditions such as:

“Waste storage area must be at least ten metres away from any building and secured in place by a propriety fixing system or padlock”

“The evacuation plan must be tested at least three times per annum”

Be warned – you could come unstuck whilst making a claim if you haven’t implemented the Safety measures required by your insurers; basically your insurer may argue that the policy is invalid.

What you should do….

  1. Check your policy document for any conditions.
  2. If you cannot comply inform your Insurers.