There I was minding my own business when along came some LinkedIn notifications to whish me Congratulations on an Anniversary. What Anniversary I pondered as I sat mesmerized in the office trying to remember what I did there before I had my lovely Christmas break. It all felt very confusing was it a Congratulations on the Anniversary of my Advent Mince Pie Eating Extravaganza or perhaps the Anniversary of how long my Trainers have remained unworn at the bottom or my wardrobe (I believe these are shoes that you do exercise in, but remain unsure), I knew it wasn’t my birthday as it was after lunch and I was neither drunk or eating so I had no other option but to steady myself and investigate.

LinkedIn Congratulations Messages

Crickey apparently its 12 years since I (and my erstwhile partner the gorgeous Peter McAlister) set up the business. How can that be? Once the shock had worn off and I had stopped crying that I have not after all been swept off my feet by George Clooney, I rallied myself and made a cup of tea.

I don’t really ever think about whether having the business or having it for 12 years is an achievement I suppose I just get on with it, as we all do. However I have allowed myself a tiny pat on the back and a congratulatory custard cream on the basis not that I own a business but that I have managed to circumnavigate some difficult times, had some difficult conversations and made lots of decisions some right some wrong but I have at least made them.

Has the business changed, yes it has, we no longer have one large customer and a few little ones we have lots of small/medium local businesses with whom we work, and without exception we have great working relationships with them all. We offer a far wider range of services but we have also stopped service and contract creep this is mainly because I have learnt to say ‘sorry we can’t help you with that’. We have a defined brand and a defined product and I have learnt our worth, I am 100% positive that we offer value to all our customers and that they get a 100% plus return on their payment to us.

Have I changed yes I have, a little because of the business but mostly because of life.

But then again the ethics of the Company remain unchanged as do my own ethics I am still just a kid from West Bank, but one who has owned a business for 12 years!! Very odd.