We’ve had some gorgeous media created by our friends at MakoMedia, what a journey that’s been we don’t know how they’ve put up with us, they’ve been very patient!

The most difficult part was deciding the criteria for claiming the free compliance check, how close or far away should the participants be to make the audit work for all involved – we decided on 25 miles but qualified it with … or thereabouts! Then we had to decide on what to call the free compliance check, the original wording was a free safety audit. But after much discussion surrounding what that wording would conjure up for people; would they think of a H&S anorak taking up hours of the day asking lots of questions when in effect our Safety Audits are purposeful and undertaken by an adviser who is friendly and speaks very plain English and usually only takes an hour or so of your time. Obviously in-depth audits can and do take longer so perhaps wording it as a Compliance Check would provide a better overview of what the check entails – I hope so and would welcome any feedback!

So if you are indeed within 25 miles of Widnes (or thereabouts), are nice and provide us with tea and biscuits you are entitled to a free, friendly, pleasant, purposeful, useful non-anoraked Safety Audit/Compliance Check, we would love to meet you.