Today we’re on a wind down in the office ready for our Christmas Holidays I keep thinking about Kermit the Frog in The Muppets Christmas Carol singing “one more sleep ‘til Christmas”, the bit where they’re shutting up the office for Christmas – to be honest I think about Kermit a little bit too often!

One more Sleep ’til Christmas!

Of course just because we’re not in the office for two weeks it doesn’t mean that we won’t be contactable for our customers. If they need us we will be on hand to help, but I have to say in ten years nothing of urgency has really happened during the festive period. I think that most people shut down or at least use the time to clear out their desk drawers!!

The whole act of shutting-up the office is very therapeutic even though we all will be ‘on-call’ and can indeed work anywhere; and the office is often actually empty and just used a drop off, collection and photocopying point.  So really what difference does shutting the office make if it doesn’t make you totally off work!?

In my opinion (which you may want to ignore) I think it’s good for your mental health and safety, to power down a little, to feel that you are giving more attention to your home life than your work life, to not have to run on the hamster wheel of a working day. I think it is healthy to shut the office door and re-open it to a new year and a new start full of new ideas and new opportunities so I say if you can’t lock your office door try working a little differently over the festive period to ensure that you come back in  2016 fully charged.

I wish you a lovely relaxed Christmas and a smashin’ 2016 filled with peace, happiness and lots of biscuits! 

Helen xxx