#productive50 – What am I on about?


Some of you may have heard about #100happydays which I have been doing on my own Facebook, I’ve actually tried twice and failed miserably and am about to start for the last time, if I don’t do it this time I’m totally jibbing it! (You’re supposed to find something to be happy about for 100 days.)

Anyway I’ve appreciated for some time that I need to start regular social media posting (is that even the right terminology?), but couldn’t get my head round just posting for the sake of it, so I devised a plan (ta-dah). I am going to be productive for 50 work days and post what I have done each day – have to say not sure I will succeed as am dreadful for getting sidetracked by sparkly and/or purple things. But here goes….

Thought I best blog (get me) to explain. Also I’m about to start a monthly blog which will set out my top 10 tips to Health & Safety Success, this is sure to be totally epic, so make sure you follow it or whatever it is your supposed to do!