Hello Safety Minions or whoever is reading this blog what I wrote!

As promised here is the third of my ten top tips to help you dispel your H&S headaches, marvellous!

You must display a current certificate of Employers’ Liability Insurance and a copy of the Health and Safety Law poster or give out the leaflet containing the same information. We always think putting these near the kettle is a good idea; then they’re easily visible to everyone! You can order these direct from the HSE.

Remember to complete the blanks on the poster, confused what information is required? Don’t worry I’ve had to think long and hard about this but to explain

Your health and safety representative: is normally someone who works in your company who has had a degree of training or experience in H&S

Other health and safety contacts: this could be a consultant or other external body who could help employees if required.

The certificate of employer’s liability insurance must be from an appropriate insurer. This policy must cover bodily injury or disease suffered by employees arising out of, or in the course of, employment in Great Britain and be sufficient to cover £2,000,000 for claims by any one or more employees arising out of any one incident.

If you are struggling to get a poster or just can’t be bothered sorting it out, give us a shout amanda@innovativesafety.co.uk and we will organise for you (not for free mind!).

Many thanks