Hello Safety Gods or whoever is reading this blog what I wrote!

This is the fourth of my ten top tips to help you become even more of a safety god!

Provide the appropriate H&S Training for your staff; this should be based on the findings of your risk assessment.

Cor, I always think this is a bit tricky trying to work out who needs what training and when, and how to keep track of it when people change jobs so here’s how I would attack it…..

  1. Make a list of all your employees down one edge of a big piece of paper, the technically advanced can make a spreadsheet…!
  2. Across the top of the same piece of paper list all the job functions i.e. FLT Driving, Manual Handling, Using Chemicals, Cleaning, Maintenance, Driving a Company Car, Lone Working…….. this might be a pretty big list and you may decide only to list higher risk activities.
  3. Underneath the job functions note how this training, information, instruction would be given i.e. training course, handout, email etc.
  4. Then cross reference who needs which information and ta-dah you have a training matrix!
  5. Now all you have to do is arrange the necessary training and put lovely ticks in your boxes. Remember to keep some sort of proof of attendance (proof of learning would be even better).
  6. To ensure refresher training is undertaken, I recommend that you note to review the matrix every 12 months to decide whether refresher is needed i.e. have things within the business changed? Put a box somewhere on your matrix where you can sign to show it has been reviewed.
  7. Decide how often you will undertake refreshers should no changes occur, I would go for a three year period; note this somewhere on your matrix also and ta-dah you not only have a training matrix but a training policy also.

Seven easy steps to H&S Training – Totally marvellous!

If you want me to check what you have produced email it to me at Colin@innovativesafety.co.uk, Colin is my colleague and I have warned him to expect your emails, not just being mean!

Remember we honestly are happy to give telephone and email advice free of charge, it’s only if you want us to shift our bum’s off our seats that a charge would incur!