Hello Safety Sleuths or whoever is reading this blog what I wrote!

This is the fifth of my ten top tips to help you beat the H&S anoraks!

Ensure you have sufficient competent H&S advice from an employee, an external consultant or a mixture of both.

It doesn’t matter if the advice comes from within (I mean the business and not your spirit self or anything like that), or from a consultant, but you must, must, must have good safety advice. No one knows it all.

In my experience a generally acceptable method is to have external advice from a consultant or friend with a H&S Diploma or equivalent and have someone within your company who has sat a 3 day (level 3) H&S course such as IOSH Managing Safely.

The trick is to find someone whom you can work with who will give you advice which will fit you and your business and that, most importantly, will be able to provide reasonable practical guidance and will be able, occasionally, to tell you what you don’t want to hear i.e. that yes, you will have to provide training for all your staff etc.

If you are seeking the advice of a consultant ensure you get what you pay for, ensure they are giving you time and will guide you rather than you having to ring them if you ‘think’ you have a problem.

You may want to look at the Occupational H&S Consultants Register; all those listed must meet certain criteria so it’s a genuine place to start. http://www.oshcr.org/

Probably one of the best ways to find assistance is to speak to your suppliers and customers for recommendations.

PS I think I’ve done very well not saying me, pick me, ring me, ring me – we are super; very restrained! But obviously you could ….. 0151 420 5465