Oh how I wish we needed this at the moment, but the time will come (I hope)!

We are often asked by our customers with out-of-doors workers regarding the supply of sun cream, do they need to provide it for their workers.

After some research I can confirm that you should follow the HSE advice and guidance which makes it very clear that the responsibility to cover up and apply sun cream lies with the employee. However, employers should encourage staff to use sun protection cream, cover up and take breaks in the shade.

Please remember though the need to ensure you are pitching your advice at the right level for a) understanding and b) language (is English their first language?) Don’t just assume that people understand about issues just because you do!

So no need to dash to Boots to buy loads of sun cream in the sale, just ensure you have adequately advised your employees to not strip off and get themselves one of those lovely uncomfortable looking pink lobster tans so beloved of British holiday makers, and whilst you’re at it you may want to point out that socks and sandals are just not a good look!

Lobster Sun Tan