Today I have paid my last visit to Domestic and General Group Limited (D&G), we have decided it’s time to part ways.

The end of an era!

Any business owners will know that it is really hard to walk away from business and/or to turn it down but sometimes you have to accept that, the same with any relationship, it’s not working. In honesty I would probably have kept working at it, do they have Customer/Consultant Guidance rather than Relationship Counselling?

So what’s changed? After years of giving 100% to D&G, as we do for all our Customers, why have they decided we are no longer the Consultants for them? Well, we’ve changed and I have changed. I am more confident to stand by our ‘we don’t do dull’ service I am less willing to portray myself as something I’m not or portray Innovative Safety as something we’re not.

We don’t do dull so don’t ask me to!

We deliver our advice in Plain English, don’t ask me to do Executive Jargon!

Innovative Safety Solutions' Vision Poster

Still it is very sad and the end of an era, I have met some lovely people and some challenging people, we have conducted in excess of 3000 DSE Assessments, we have compiled over 50 policy related documents, attended 50 plus H&S committee meetings and brought about huge change in the implementation of an on-line DSE assessment tool.

I wish D&G the very, very best and hope they continue to be successful in their endeavours but for Innovative it’s onwards and upwards; never again will we/I forget what Innovative is about – our core values and mission statement rules!!

Innovative Safety Solutions Core Value